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CNN IBN India – Live

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    Krishnamurthy Says:

    ndtv on orkut

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    ndtv live Says:

    [...] load in 20 secs … 2 Responses to ???NDTV News – LIVE???. on 22 Nov 2007 at 7:03 am1 raj …http://fwdemails.com/2007/07/19/ndtv-news-live/NDTV Imagine… the ndtv Group and has shows like Ramayan, Say Shaava Shaava, Dhoom Macha De, … [...]

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    George Says:

    The Gujjars have no right to hijack the judiciary. By doing so they are projecting to the world their insensitiveness to the others who are waiting for justice. This has special reference to attack on defence lawyer of Rajesh Talwar by some Gujjars. If they really are fighting for a just cause they should show justice to others also.

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    vipin patel boriavi wala gujarat Says:

    I pleased to have comment that only ndtv give live news of indian channel . no other channel gives news.thanks to ndtv .I daily see ndtv news live.

    vipin patel boriaviwala gujarat

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    vikas Says:

    only ndtv is giving right news other chhenal becam ~manohar kahniya ~ they are giving us only masala news

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    Tajudeen Says:

    Congress Govt. should stay , god please save indian and indian government, Dr Manmohan singh is the best prime minister.

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    Arun Ravi Says:

    Advani in his interview says that he had hinted on horse trading in his speech yesterday and also adds that his MPs asked him whether they can bring the bribe money to the parliament. In the event even if the allegation is true Advani should have handed over the money to the Speaker in his chamber alongwith his MPs and filed a complaint with the speaker and offer whatever proof they have to the Speaker to take an appropriate action. But resorting to dump the money on the table in the well of the house shows without any doubt for all his experience as a leader that he is unworthy to lead this country; he did not care for the disrepute it will bring to the sanctity of the institution. He cannot be trusted with Prime Ministership. He should quit politics for what he has done today.
    The Speaker should take severe action be it the Congress or SP if he gets adequate proof.

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    m.goutham chand jain Says:

    tv not appearing on the screen

  9. 9
    mysqld Says:

    TV has been restored.

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    Robert Says:

    Our hearts are heavy watching this excellent TV coverage here in Texas.

    My Thanksgiving Holiday prayer will be for a peaceful resolution to the Kashmir.

    Deepest sympathies to all who have lost loved ones.

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    Sri Says:

    Where are Raj and Bal Thackrey? Why don’t they show their muscle power in front of terrorists to save innocent indian? What could be a better opportunity for them to save Mumbai, Maharashtra and India

  12. 12
    Sri Says:

    Let’s remove the security cover from the politicians…If even they are killed, we’ll have more like them…we really dont need them.

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    Saj Says:

    The terrorist assigned to this operation even does’nt know exactly for what they are doing this.The real aim is to demolish the Indian Economy.
    There should be strict rules to demolish the terrorism from our country and to Keep the public feel safe to live in the country.There would be support from with in our country to the terrorists unless otherwise it would not be possible for the terrorists to bring the this much of explosives through the sea .Let the Politicians atleast realise the insecurity of the public life in the country and let them do something for the public in return to feel safe atleast to live

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    JMAN Says:

    Sri, you are expecting too much from the Thackrays. they may be having a temperature right now…lol

  15. 15
    zenith Says:

    plz. proffessionalise our armed force

  16. 16
    MANU Says:

    We have the poor security system existing. We need technology and trained officers to maintain security. Else we are going to loose many lives in future.

  17. 17
    Marco Says:

    Its so sad to see that the response took so long, swat would have done a better job, the best that India can do she did.. my hats off to the people in uniform though.. but this is good that this hgappened, India needs to connect with every state in its country, every building has to have its schematics in place with the authorities.. too many bribes, too many corrupt politicians.. no one cares in the government. 1 time, twice, three times and now?? when are you going to learn… who is watching.. where are the snipers? where is the Jack bauers, enter, storm erradicate.. now there is just one terroist , 50 hours no sleep and still fighting.. ridiculous..switch of the powere supply, where the night goggles and storm the building.. but using greande launchers?!! unbelivable.. anyway.. we lost a singapore citizen maybe one you say.. but it happened after 30 hours..!!

    I say this from the heart DO SOMETHING with your politicians..

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    Manoj Padhi Says:

    I am an expat in Dubai and my heart goes out to all the affected citizens of Mumbai. I have a lot of friends in Mumbai and I hope all of them are well.
    My wife and son left Mumbai for Dubai just a day before the 9/11 of India. Thank God they reached Dubai safe and sound.
    The time has come for Indian Citizens to rise and make the politicians do their job.It is high time our politicians realise Indians want security in their own country. Security of our citizens is of prime importance.Learn a lesson from Israel.

  19. 19
    poonam Says:

    i request you people please make programme a cell where a common man can contact you when he see something suspicious.
    AS SOME FISHERMAN saw those terriost but din inform police.give them reward.
    give people your 2 or 3 numbers should be 3 digit so one can contact you easily because you people can rech and inform police comissioner or high authorities with in no time.othetwise common man afraid to go to the police.how police behave in india you know that.make india aware do string operrations.what our securities specially BSF is doing.politicians who are backing illigal immigarants for vote bank.now there should be professional people on the the top level.
    now a common man will play important role.
    you people visits Foreign lands you know how security services do their job here. law should be change if sombody is culprit HANG HIM.DO NOT PUT HIM IN JAIL.
    make a network and connect every city
    now you people is our HOPE

  20. 20
    nag Says:

    I am watching TV since the time torrists attached mumbai. Horrible to see i could not sleep since then. Till today whenever this happens we hear politicians telling we will not tollerate this attacts. But they tolerate by not giving any capital punishments to the gulty eg. parliment attact person, Kandhahar incidents, all attacks on metro cities whatelse our politicians want to do next they see each civilians to be attack. We want tough punishments or i hope they forget this and tolerate one more this type.

  21. 21
    Kabeer INDIAN Says:

    ‘Sri’ you are correct,

    Where are Raj and Bal Thackrey? Why don’t they show their muscle power in front of terrorists to save innocent indian? What could be a better opportunity for them to save Mumbai, Maharashtra and India

    Raj and Bal Thackrey , if you have guts then what stoped you to fight for maharashtra and save mumbai yourself ?


  22. 22
    INDIAN Says:

    ‘Sri’ you are correct,

    Where are Raj and Bal Thackrey? Why don’t they show their muscle power in front of terrorists to save innocent indian? What could be a better opportunity for them to save Mumbai, Maharashtra and India

    Raj and Bal Thackrey , if you have guts then what stoped you to fight for maharashtra and save mumbai yourself ?


  23. 23
    jivtesh Says:

    what happened to the security of india? where can one feel secured to live in? why its everytime india? is that the reason most of the indians are going to other countries?
    it’s high time for government to seriously think about the security of indians. it really needs improvement.

  24. 24
    sathya Says:

    we r proud of the NSG COMMANDOS and the another thing is keep all the politicians in line and shoot them,becz thay are playing with the lifes of INDIANS. BE AN INDIAN. fuck off all the politicians.

  25. 25
    ms Says:

    After 9/11, US went on war with afghan and destroyed all. Its our turn we need go for war. I feel that is only solution. We know Pakistan is breeding these terrorists. Now whats the point in just watching the blasts to happen. The Indian govt should declare war on terrorist and Pakistan.

  26. 26
    neha Says:

    i am amazed…how so many terrorists can enter our countrt…???
    1. where were our agencies? SLEEPING
    2. the agencies r saying that the terrorists came a month ago, NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THIS??? for one month they were roaming around in our cities !!!
    3. After the attack the agencies knew the whole plan..that the so -called terrorists came from karachi….killed the boatman….and stopped near the GAte of India……..Where was our NAVY ???? again….. Sleeping.
    4. When the so-called terrorists shot the first bullets….it killed few of our very very important policemen…who had a crush with come leaders.
    5. 10 terrorists were in our city…..where the hel was our security agencies…???? SLEEPING
    6. How they can bring so much weapons with them???? there was no one to check them while crossing the sea?????
    7. how they can enter two huge hotels…which have such a high security???? Where was the hotel security???
    8. our army… police….navy….agencies…..and so callled political leaders were not able to control 10 TERRORISTS !!!!!!! HOW CAN U FACE A WAR?????
    9. Such an activity cannnot be done alone…….we have some one from US….indulged !!!!! just like the USA 9/11
    think about it people !!!!

  27. 27
    madhuri Says:

    not shocked though terrified. our coast line is absolutely not guarded. I saw this after kargil war when I visited bet-dwarika. from here karachi is v. close, one can swim and reach. unfortunately we don’t allow our national flag on the boats but they had green big flags flying high. so which boat went out and which one came in how to know? how many went out in the boat and how many came back? no count is there. one can easily enter the country without notice. giving IDs to fisher men may serve some solace but no guranttee they will not be forged. at the limits of indian shores navy should be posted and have a total check that no infiltration takes place from sea and our fishermen also will be safe guarded form entering pakistan waters and being caught.

  28. 28
    George J Joseph Says:

    Author : George J Joseph

    1) What’s wrong with our coast guard security / navy… people just coming across the border and landing into our territory. It’s an easy ride from Karachi/ any foreign coast into our coasts. Would not be a bad idea to have a satellite surveillance with international tie up. This will also help curb the piracy problem.

    2) For God’s sake what about surveillance / securiy equipments, at least a two layer securiy including high walls . Early warning systems like CCTV, direct warning to nearest police station etc. should be a mandatory requirement for any big establishment .

    3) Single centralised Crisis Management Group consisting of all 3 defence wings, NSG, representatives of all transport modes, local police, Coast Guard, Central and State Govt. Early warnings to be taken seriously and acted upon immediately after convening a meeting of the CMG. However for detailed action and appropriate action there can be a committee at individual organisational level.

    4) Compulsorily NO POLITICIANS with any criminal background should be allowed to enter into politics.

    5) NSG to be deployed at all major cities and fully trained to deal with any kind of crisis. Good idea to give them aircrafts. At this stage wonder why anesthetic gas was not used for destablising the terrorists. Could have been done through the airconditioned ducts.

    6) Compulsory training for all students at graduation level for one full year.

  29. 29
    poonam Says:

    these politicians have strong believe that everybody is in anger because this is a hot issue later on after some time everbody will be busy in their own life daily rautine let people shout and gather lit candeles pay homage tribute write email /messages
    we will play our game as we were plying after 15 days or just after one months because memory of our public is so weak
    did you notice any comment by RAJ THAKREY
    if he is most sincere citizen of Mumbai where was he on those 3 nights where were his MNS team
    he can kill and attack his own country man to show his strength. in front of terriost OUR soldier fought because they believe in action not in speech like .
    if he has gauts and network, make a sena of civilians who can support our security services to protect Mumbai.let any everbody join your team .
    i know you have power then show those b………… nabour that we are one
    soldiers who died for mumbai belongs to india only india they din give second thought and died.

  30. 30
    Shrivithal Says:


    Rather all constable or police staff equipped with AK series gun. Group of security person should be formed like NSG and trained on all types tactics with modern equipments such that these security person should be used in all types of accidents from road accidents to terror acts even war time. These group should be formed across all capitals.

    Thank you

  31. 31
    SIDDIQUE Says:

    It is very easy to blame others. To accept ones mistakes is very hard. Every body talks about terrorists, every body talks about their ruthless killing but one thing still I dont understand what was the demand of these terrorists. Why they did this all ? If Indian govt thought about , if media thought about this ? if a common person conveyed this message ? Probably not. Everybody targeting Pakistan’s involvement but someone must understand if this happened today what was reason to it, what it caused by ? If any of us thought about this. What we are reaping today we sawed yesterday. Somewhere we must have done something wrong or maybe still doing. If Pakistan is responsible for this then who is responsible for whats happening within Pakistan if Pakistani media targeted Indian agencies for this. Many of us know very well that in Northern areas Indian agencies are involved which causes loosing thousands of lives, if Indian media talked about this. If that time if Indian media talked about this issue , if every Indian agencies came across to stop this. Losing one life loosing whole humanity. Today this is happening within boundary of Pakistan it might spread to other areas. Isn’t it similar to what last King of India used to say “Delhi is still far away”
    That time it is no problem because it is happening in Pakistan, now it is very big issues because happened in our land.

    Oh people think about humanity, think about soul, not Indian or Pakistani …… This is same technique which British govt followed “divide and rule” . We south Asians have to come out this limited approach of live. We are prosperous together if well coordinated. For God sake don’t think what you are being made to think, think at world level. Think on regional basis, think or humanity basis, think what you should think not what are you forced to think.

    We are safe if together , we are dead if apart.
    Deeply sad for what happened in Mombay and pray not to happen ever this again. Nobody can replace human loss and only one can feel who lost it. God give them courage to come out of this tragedy.

    Very best Regards.

  32. 32
    poonam Says:

    there should be a

  33. 33
    Saj Says:

    Dear Siddique,With full respect I would like to say certain things against your comments.
    Each and every country is strictly responsible not to allow terror across boarders.As a citizen of India I am more concerned about what happens in INDIA rather than looking in to the affairs in my neighbouring countries.Ofcourse I am feeling very sad about tragedy happening to the innocent people in Pakistan(not in Pakistan but all over the world) aswell.
    I feel very pity about Pakistan that even the president and Prime Minister are just rubber stamps of the extremists and they cant even move thier fingers with out the permission of these groups.
    Can you just put forward atleast one reasonable point that any group / category supporting the terrorism accross boaders.

    The sponsors of these groups who are behind these extremism and terror are making profit out of this.But being a believer of GOD and not any religion I would like to ask one thing.The attacks that happens keeping religion as screen is justifiable?I dont think nowhere in any Holy book the GOD has told its followers to kill their fellow beings.The extremists know that a man can be more provoked with their religion rather than anything.Do you think Pakistan will give over Indias most wanted criminals if India could show full evidence that the base elements behind the attacks are from Pakistan.I dont think Sardari can stick to his word even if it happens.If they really wish to fight against terror they are responsible to co operate in all respects even in giving India the most wanted criminals .
    My dear brothers just remember one thing , religion is made by man and not the man is made by religion.The priority should go to the human beings rather than the religion.
    So lets hope for a peaseful INDIA and a peaseful world.

  34. 34
    poonam Says:

    I knew there will be a bomb blast in pakistan
    pakistan can kill its own people to get rid off the FBI INVESTIGATION
    and will say we are also suffring

  35. 35
    Ramesh Rathod Says:

    Indian political people are only look at there benefits which is very very disgusting part on Indian politics.

    To change there attitude, public should wake up and teach them lesson so that they could start working towards Indian growth.

  36. 36
    Robert Says:

    Now that more of the world is watching India how about cleaning up the terrible distortion in your streaming audio here ? Congratulations on all those Golden Globes !

  37. 37
    PianoDraft Says:


    Megacool Blog indeed!… if anyone else has anything it would be much appreciated. Great website Enjoy!…

  38. 38
    samvedna Says:

    i recieved a message on my cellphone from an unknown number -”09212472681″ today at 3:27pm and the message was- “Congress: 16 August ko agar Anna Hazare anshan par baithe toh unhe bhi waise hi kuchal denge jaise Baba Ramdev ko kuchla tha. frwrd to all.” i was shocked and felt angry but i dared not to reply back to that unknown number. i m just a student and dnt know how to complain in police station about it and also because i am afraid. its really bad because someone is trying to take advantage of the situation and trying to create quarrel between everyone…

  39. 39
    srini Says:

    for the last 12 days Telangan people are on roads, all the people doctors, singerani eployees advocates business men students teachers political leaders even pujaris (priests) i.e. every body in the region are asking for the seperate state hood of telangana. this is going on scince soo many years. but my favorite ndtv as well as all the national tv channels are not showing what is happening in telangan. i have not seen a single news regarding the agitastion which is going on since past two weeks. please do justice to the telangana people.

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